Are elaine and tyler from neon trees dating

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It is a vulnerable, if not slightly ­awkward, thing to find yourself chanting in a silent room beside a total stranger.But on this dewy June morning inside MNDFL, an intimate New York studio space dedicated to ­meditation, Tyler Glenn is doing exactly that.But Bradley, who attended BYU, served as a full-time Mormon missionary in Germany and married her husband in an LDS temple, knows the importance of staying grounded, especially when it comes to faith and family.Bradley's beliefs and conversion story were recently featured in a video, released April 2, that was produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through the "I'm a Mormon" campaign. It’s kind of like a (church) calling — you could say no, but you probably shouldn’t. It’s one of those things that I’ve spent time just clicking and watching ("I'm a Mormon" videos), so it’s fun to have one of my own.And whether she's on stage in Amsterdam or walking the Provo River Parkway, she tries to maintain perspective on it all."This life has a purpose, and the purpose is not to get famous, but ..."It was all I knew," says Glenn, 32, who served a mission in Nebraska when he was 19."It's a religion where you have to believe it is the one church -- that's the only way to get back to God." He pauses.

"It’s been overwhelmingly positive, for sure," she said.During the 50 minutes leading up to this moment, sound-therapy practitioner Sara Auster has sat perched atop a pillow behind him, playing a series of instruments that create transcendental tones intended to bring the body into harmony with the vibrations.Among them: crystal singing bowls infused with elements like smoky quartz, charcoal and carnelian; a bellowing box that derives its name from the Hindi word for "angel;" and a half-dozen steel ­tuning forks that hold a singular pitch when struck with a work on yourself and your relationship with God and then to use the Atonement of Jesus Christ," Bradley said."I think believing all of those things and then working on those things really has a way of putting all the other stuff into its proper place so that I can appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given and I can appreciate the fun things that come with the job that I have, but it doesn’t rule me and it doesn’t dictate who I am." Life has changed for the Provo-based Neon Trees — composed of Bradley, lead singer Tyler Glenn, guitarist Chris Allen and bassist Branden Campbell — ever since the band opened for The Killers in 2008. The single "Everybody Talks" was featured in a Buick commercial in 2012 and later reached the sixth spot on the Billboard singles chart.

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