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The 18 castaways were divided into gender-based tribes and given maps to their camps, unaware they would lead to the same location.

Despite living on the same beach, the tribes would remain split, building separate shelters and fending for their own tribe.

After the scramble for supplies was done, Jeff tossed the two tribes a map to their camps and the tribes headed off in different directions.

During Salani's trek through the jungle, Alicia formed an alliance with Chelsea, Kat, Kim, and Sabrina.

"Troyzan" would eventually return for Survivor: Game Changers.

Chelsea Meissner had a recurring role during the fourth season of the reality series Southern Charm.

In addition, Spradlin won 0,000 as the "Sprint Player of the Season", earning the fans' vote over runners-up Meissner, Greg "Tarzan" Smith and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson.Tarzan was the last man remaining, however Kat's unpredictability and youthful naivety was enough to convince Kim to betray her first.With only six players remaining, Kim found herself caught between her initial alliance of Chelsea and Sabrina, and the alliance of Alicia, Christina and Tarzan.Jeff divided the tribes into men, Manono, versus women, Salani, and then told the tribes that they had sixty seconds to strip everything of value from the truck.While the women of Salani were busy gathering goods, Michael stole several of their assembled supplies.

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