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TEAM MANAGERS: Now that the teams have been built we are taking expressions of interest for the positions of team manager.

Please email us at [email protected] your age group and team name.

The secret referred to a Pope being killed and a city in ruins (full text here).

What most people don’t know is that during the many years in which the secret was hidden from all but a few eyes, portions of it (and hints at what it contained) were leaked, by people who had either read the secret or spoken to Sister Lucia (the seer who penned it – pictured above).

It also describes a council which will pervert the Church (believed by many to be Vatican II which reversed many traditional Catholic principles and beliefs).

She became incredibly popular due to her so-called mystical powers. Among her many predictions she claimed that by 4599 man would achieve immortality and that less than 100 years later we would begin assimilating with the aliens we meet on the hundreds of planets we will have populated.

She claimed that in 4509 man will become sufficiently developed that he will begin to communicate with God directly.

However, we have a few rules that you must follow to keep it fun for all.

Please don't be rude, abusive, swear or vilify others.

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