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However, he wouldn't seek any preaching appointments, and left the grove of trees confident - who would ever ask a farmer with no theological training to preach?

After returning home, Miller relaxed in his living room.

Rather than being an immediate creation, the SDA movement was formed by a progressive series of historical events.

Through much Bible study, the SDA pioneers came to a deeper understanding of Scripture.

He studied on his own, without the help of religious teachers, using his Bible and a Cruden's concordance to look up texts for comparison.

Miller's initial interest in prophecy led him to discover Bible truths that differed from the popular opinions of his time.

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It taught that He had simply set the world in space adn left it to its own devising.Miller reluctantly agreed to preach, keeping the promise he had made with God whilst in the tree grove. More than 200 clergy accepted his views on Christ's soon coming, and estimate of the number of believers in his message range from 50,000 to 100,000 persons.These followers were, and still are, referred to as 'Millerites'. It was the simple interpretation of a prophetic chapter in the Bible.Taking the prophecy found in Daniel 8.14 (Unto two thousand three hundred days, and then shall the sanctuary be cleansed), Miller applied the Biblical principle that in prophecy a day can symbolize a literal year, therefore the 2,300 days of Daniel 8.14 represented 2,300 years of earth's history.Miller wasn't the first student of Scripture to arrive at these conclusions.

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