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When we meet, Jonze has just come from the You Tube awards, shooting a live ‘video’ for Arcade Fire’s ‘Afterlife’, but he’s surprisingly off-hand about a medium that he, along with the likes of Michel Gondry, Chris Cunningham and Jonathan Glazer, turned into an art form.“I’m not as excited about doing them as I once was.It’s hard to know quite what to expect from an encounter with Spike Jonze.The first time I met him, for his 1999 directorial debut Being John Malkovich, he was cripplingly shy – barely able to get out a word.Well, that’s one way to get your interviewer on side.As much as I’d like to buy into his flattery, it’s Jonze who is the clever one.He once again reminded us of the genius visuals in "HER".Contrary to most futuristic sci-fi blockbuster, Jonze created a future, in which, despite all the technological progress, humans still feel and act like humans.

His father Arthur ran an international health-care consulting firm in New York, while his mother Sandy remained in Maryland, where Jonze was raised, working in public relations.“I feel really lucky that I got to experience the Eighties, but also lucky that I got to experience the Nineties, and super-lucky that I’m getting to experience right now,” he says.“Everything is happening so fast in the last ten years – like the internet. It did do something pretty incredible – which was unite people around the world with common interests and common tastes.”Admitting he’s fascinated by the evolution of computers (“Is artificial intelligence less than our intelligence?And there are a lot more people are much more excited, and should be doing it, because they’re living it.I don’t want to do it just to do it.”Understandably, he’s more focused on his career as a filmmaker now; even his videos have begun to take on the form of mini-movies, as with his sublime 28-minute promo for Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’, a more disquieting vision of the near future.

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