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As Harpignies notes, the implicit assumption in the Times is that most of its readers are "eminently sane, impeccably ethical, drug-free, law-abiding folks with post-Enlightenment rational attitudes towards science and religious tolerance"--folks who are, in addition, "largely free of sexual kinks and flaky cultural or spiritual worldviews." This image, which structures the fictional space of public discourse, does not stand a chance against this short, dense, nuanced and eye-opening book.Delusions of Normality is one of those books that does a lot of heavy lifting for you--now you don't have to read all the newspapers, books, and sociological sources Harpignies uses to gather facts, or at least patterns, that deconstruct mainstream assumptions about the depth and breadth of kinkiness or graft or drug gobbling in American life.Tip: The free trial is great, but to really hook up you need to use the paid account (to bypass all the other men messaging the women).This is probably the best chat room to meet single Hispanics especially during the night.A writer and editor, and former teacher of writing in the CUNY system, J.P is the author of three books: Double Helix Hubris, an early (1996/97) look at the potential risks of unmonitored genetic manipulation; 2004's Political Ecosystems, an exhortation to left and eco activists to engage in far more sophisticated political thinking; and, most recently, Delusions of Normality. also taught taijiquan in Brooklyn, NY, for 24 years.

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Thursday morning, officers with the Sex Offender Unit prepared to visit the homes of more than 200 registered sex offenders in the city.“Sex offenders [who] have juvenile victims as a part of their background and to ensure the safety of the children, we want to make sure they are complying with registry laws and live where they say they live,” said Sgt. The mission is to find them and remind them of the procedures they are to follow on Halloween night.Those on the city police radar tell WJZ they know what to do and they are doing it.He also edited Visionary Plant Consciousness, a collection of talks and essays by some of the world's leading specialists in the use of sacred, consciousness-altering plants, and was associate editor of the two first Bioneers books: Ecological Medicine, which delves into the links between human and environmental health, and Nature's Operating Instructions, a collection about cutting edge, "nature based" ("biomimic") solutions to environmental problems. Harpignies has written and edited a number of independently published books, covering everything from biotech to psychedelics to "political ecology." His latest is his best.In the face of the myth of a dominant normality that underlies the New York Times mainstream, Harpignies proves that we are all freaks, and that deviancy is, in fact, the norm.

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